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BA Graduate Collection | LINKED

Garments made and styled by me.


Collection LINKED is inspired by industrial environment, paintings of my dad, lines and metal, created with detailing elements, where some of the details can be transformed into different look. Inspiration of dad’s paintings highlights lines as expression tool in this collection. Lines are present starting from the print till smallest top stitches, embroidery and detailing. Industrial and utility feel is achieved with usage of metallic details, boxiness, straight and more structured lines keeping the form of daily uniform for woman who dares. Collection Linked is focused on minimal transformation options through detailing in garments, what is working towards sustainability, allowing user to adapt slowly, easier, experiment and transform garments through years, which is creating connection between user and the garment.

Photo: Helle Kuhr / Merrild Studios
Make up: Ida Thøt
Models: Liva and Ubah from Le Management / DK, Salka Heimis

Garment production assistant: Beāte Ubagovska


2020. g.

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