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Headpiece Trends For This Winter

Tired of regular beanies? Me too!

I made selection of headpieces for this Winter, to keep your head warm, but also make people to look back at you or even to stop you on the street and ask: "Where is this from?"

Balaclava or Ski Mask

Or just simply - hood! This is something I was wearing as a kid and look, now- it is back! And I am so ready for this trend. I would wear this also under a bucket hat or regular beanie to make it even more warmer.

Balaclava from Weekday

Cashmere hood from ARKET

Basic balaclava from Weekday, what you can easily wear as hood as you would wear a hoodie. This is just perfect option if you get bored of this item, as you can use this as accessory after- as a hood under blazer, for example.

Bucket hats

I used to wear bucket hats only in summer, because I felt it is so Summer (-ish) piece to wear on holidays, to the beach, to glamping and I can continue. But since we can find also Winter styles in the stores I think it is worth it to add it to the wardrobe, to refresh Winter looks.

First and my favourite is this checked bucket hat from H&M because of the checked pattern and I am sure there is also sustainable brand options out there.

Various colors available from Kangol

Puffy bucket hat? Yes! A piece to add to your oversized puffer jacket. NA-KD


I would avoid to say that this is a new trend, because I see people wearing lots of this in any age group, for occasions like skiing or just when Winter gets warmer, but I feel this can be styled really cool and could be a nice simple touch. Often you may see headbands in variations with knots.

NAKD headband

I really hope this will help you to create your Winter looks more interesting by adding simple touch as headpiece! Contact me if you need any styling tips, wardrobe revision or just want to chat about fashion!


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