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"HOW TO" Style a Blazer

I love a good oversized fit blazer. More likely I will find it in men's section or will size it up. Blazer is great wardrobe element and can be dressed in many different ways and styles. Great for a job meeting, as well as for busy day running for a matcha tea in Paris. I choose blazer for my every day looks, because to me it is really 'easy going' garment what can be thrown on days when I am running late. Choosing blazer won't disappoint you.

I'm showing you some of my looks where I have styled blazers in past years. I would really say that blazer goes with everything.

I think masculine suits and shapes looks amazing on women. I would go for matching blazer and trousers or do a monochrome look, that is lookin gvery 'finished' and chic. P.S I will always suggest to buy a suit, because it is such a great 2 in 1 option - you can wear a blazer and pants separately, as well as all together.

Blazer is an amazing overlay garment and I love to style it with the same lenght garment underneath, like dress or oversize t-shirt as I did in this outfit. Love to add knee hight boots for more occasional matter.

I would go for a simple combinations too. Like this look with jeans, boots and blazer on top. Simple and easy wardrobe pieces added together.

Blazer + leggings = so so comfortable. This look is perfect for busy days when I'm on the run. Spice it up with sunglasses, print t-shirt and massive sandals.

Blazer combined with the skirt. I love to wear skirt, so this combo for me is super comfortable too. Add satin skirt to a more rought blazer. This was perfect look for Paris, because blazer can easily transform the look during a long day.

Blazer worn with the shorts or mini skirt. I am usually wearing this in Autumn or Spring. Adding black tights and loafers will make it more preppy.

Blazer with the heels and jeans with the slits. I love can simple and minimalistic all this can look.

Blazer is really a great wardrobe element and will work in all kinds of life situations. I hope you got some inspiration when creating your outfits with the blazer! Contact me if you need any styling tips, wardrobe revision or anything else!


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