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There Is No Summer Without Cool Summer Sandals

Okay, so for me shoes are something more than shoes! Shoes are like obsession, but still when buying I am keeping in mind quality, how comfortable it will be and how I am going to style them. There is no summer without cool summer sandals for daily life, so I am sharing my favourites. For me shoes are mostly something I am willing to invest.

Dr. Martens Clarissa Strap Sandals

I mean, if we are talking about investing in shoes, then I think Dr.Martens are one of those. These are definitely on my bucket list and I already see how easy I can style them. Black color definitely plays a role when I am choosing shoes - I agree that for summer there can be more lighter shoes, but I will always have few black pairs, because I love how black shoes looks like, as well as this color brings more combination options.

Find sandals here.

Vagabond Courtney Sandals

And here we are back again to investing in shoes. Vagabond brand clearly has proved them to myself. Since I purchased my first pair of Vagabond boots I always follow up what new they are providing and I am always pleased. I am a platform lover so these Courtney sandals are meant

to be in my closet!



Vagabond Courtney Slip-On

Another pair of Vagabond shoes I fell in love with. This seasons significant slip one shoes. For me slip-on shoes works perfectly for daily life.

Find here.

Teva Original Universal Sandals

Teva has unique design what you can't mix with another brand. First feel seeing these shoes are definitely - comfort, but also minimalistic classical feeling.

Teva Sandals

Cheers to a happy feet!


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