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Your Ultimate Lounge Set

I think during Pandemic we all are getting quite cozy in our lounge sets ( not to even mention our sweatpants ) and I am ready to stick to this.

For me lounge set is something what you can easy throw on and go, or stay home in most of the cases this past year. I love pieces what I can wear without thinking, therefore sets itself are perfect for me. Going for groceries or a walks in most case I don't want to think what to wear, so I choose to have 2 in 1 - a comfy set, and still look good. In daily life I try to prioritize comfort, but at the same time for me it is important to look good and therefore also feel good. Of course sometimes I catch myself wearing sweatpants too often, that's why here we have my 3 favourite lounging sets.

1. Organic Basics Tencel Set

Why I love this set? Because material plays a big role here. Tence fabricl has soft and flowy texture. Sometimes it is so lightweight that I don't feel it. I am wearing size M in both- top and bottom. I am wearing this at home as well as I can't wait for warmer days to bring this out. Shop it here.

2. Butter & Hazel Lily Set

This one is my absolute favourite, because I love shorts and shirts, as well as I love how I always fall in with yellow color, even though I am more black & white girl. I can see styling this set with sneakers, sandals and I am sure it will look nice for a daily life, as well as to stop by cocktails with girls. Shop shorts & shirt.


3. PANGAIA X AIR-INK® Hoodie & Track Pants

To me Pangaia brand became more recognized when I saw their Instagram bio '1 product sold = 1 tree planted', as well such a variation of colors. I think it is great to put statement print on top and in front, where it can be seen perfectly, creating more visible of these garments.

Shop Hoodie & Pants.

What I love the most about these sets, especially tracksuits, that they can be styled for daily life and look so chick. By adding a blazer on top outfit can change completely.


Sets are my ready-to-go for any occasion, easy to throw on looks amazing!


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